2012-03-22 22:59:05 by Madwigged

Shit man. I feel you... Why cant you feel me?

Damn girl..

2010-03-16 01:47:03 by Madwigged


Been a grip since i posted some new joints right? Yeah, been doin this navy shit hard, all riding a boat around the ocean and shit. New stuff coming. And ill say real soon. And by soon... I mean fuck if i know. I just copped this ill ass 55 in 3d led tv jump off... so i might spend some time catching up on my viggeo games, and HD Pron... Seriously its like the pooter is in the room. So yeah son, hit me up for collabo's, DRAG me back into the game please... FREALS!

Oh yeah, been dating this human chic... She consumes some time also.

Here's a picture photo-shopped by my little bro. He's cooler than you.

Damn girl..

Time to keep movin

2009-05-09 20:23:39 by Madwigged

Wooo baby!
Met a new girl a couple weeks ago, so i kinda fell of my grind here for a minute.
Got two songs up and comin, just waiting for those people who are collabin on em to send em back.
Got a nother project in my mind ready to go.
Prob gonna try and get some shit with klazic nadi goin.
Also, i somehow got to the best tracks ever portion of the audio portal.
Its one of my lower scored songs, with klazic, but hey im on there ho.
How does that shit work???
Ya'll keep rippin baby!
Thanks to the few peeps who threw some good words towards me after that breakup.

Time to keep movin

Bad days man, bad days.

2009-04-12 17:49:26 by Madwigged

Looks like me and my girl are breakin up. Havnt been in the mood to make a new song, but looks like ima have to do a sad ass one soon. Hater keep hatin, and im startin to agree.
Wish me luck.

Lost treasure vol4 is out!

2009-03-17 01:37:28 by Madwigged

Download it now!
Go get that shit maaaan!
Its freeeeesh. Its free. Its dope.

Lost treasure vol4 is out!

Tweet tweet bitch!!!

2009-02-25 18:52:10 by Madwigged

I just joined twitter hoe's, so get up with that. Ill update when im duecein and beatin and all that good stuff you guys need to know.

Peep it people

Keeps is real, keeps it raw, or ill kill you.
That goes double for tony danza.

And yeah, i still get sloppy drunk.

Tweet tweet bitch!!!


2009-01-30 00:30:25 by Madwigged

Wicked, mic is workin tight, just got done doin a wiked freestyle. Well wicked as free styles go. Workin on a new track with baf n jfade. The shit is sic so far, but i havnt heard what they got to drop on it yet.
Other than that, in the works of doin a track (like a real one) with my boy in ohio. So if you liked that free style, theres more to come from that duo.

Just livin the life here in san diego.
Born east coast, livin west coast, and nothin but love.
Except you shitters...
You can eat shit.


holy jesebus!

2008-12-12 16:11:14 by Madwigged


Update: im fuckin nice, i fixed it! and recorded im fuckin nice... haha its up!


2008-10-30 00:26:36 by Madwigged

Yo just started this shit.... So ima try and see if i can have some fun.